Rite Aid vs CVS vs Walgreens…

I was highly disappointed that Southern Calif missed out on the good SCRs that had good coupons this week. There are very few SCRs for the month of December as it is.

I got to think that if Rite Aid decides to get rid of the SCRs, I might as well shop at CVS b/c heck, it’s within walking distance of my apartment. I don’t know what Rite Aid has planned for SCRs in 2011 but two months of no good SCRs leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

In comparing other stores against Rite Aid, they are high on my list b/c of the SCR program.  However, if Rite Aid were to eliminate the SCR program, I would probably do more deals at CVS b/c they are closer to me and just keep my feet wet at Rite Aid.

Rite Aid vs CVS vs Walgreens:

                                                Rite Aid                              CVS                              Walgreens

Rewards                                      +Ups                                 EBs                                       RRs
Rewards Limits                      Sometimes                              Yes                                      No
Ease of Use of Rewards     Wait for +Up to Scan               Easy                                    Easy
Store Coupons                    Coupon Scanner           Adperk Video Values           Monthly Q Book
Coupons Serialized                     Yes                                     Yes                                     No
$/$$                                           Yes                                Sometimes                             Rarely
Expiration of Rewards             2-3 Wks                              1 Month                                2 Wks

Looking at the information above, all three drugstores have their pros and cons.  What are your thoughts on comparing the three drugstores?

I know my little table looks a bit crazy but Blogger doesn’t make it easy to insert a table into a post!


  • DMC in DC December 4, 2010, 18:32

    All stores have the same problem of stocking sales items. None of these stores seem to stock a DECENT amount taking their sales into account when they order. 85% of the time, I am getting rain checks in all three stores and it's starting to really suck, because cashiers hate those when they have to make adjustments and it always is a problem.

  • Ms Benjamins December 5, 2010, 01:48

    Most stores use the "Just-in-Time" methodology of stocking. However, the company need a very sophisticated ordering system to be able to keep up with customer demand and I suspect that most of these stores are investing in these types of systems.

    Imagine if a hospital ran out of an antibiotic b/c they didn't predict a surge in sick ppl.

    The drugstores do not have ordering systems in place to keep up with customer demand…plain and simple.

  • DMC in DC December 5, 2010, 04:06

    But I would think that if you run a sale on like Pot Of Gold chocolates, you buy a few cases of them. I went to several stores today and all the shelves were out of stock. Oh and they get deliveries on Thursday and Friday, so for having none on Saturday… complete and utter BS. I have even gone on Sunday mornings, first day of sales, and shelves were empty. They certainly do not at all order more for sale items. Not at all.

  • sburiel December 5, 2010, 07:14

    I gotta tell ya, my Rite Aid is the bomb! I have only had to ever go to another Rite Aid twice since I've been couponing (April of this year). I always find what I need and I guess I shop there because we only have a Rite Aid and Walgreens in town. I don't care for Walgreens that much. I do shop at CVS when I know I'm going in that direction but I try not to make special trips unless it is something that I must have. So far, I have had no Rite Aid troubles!