Rite Aid’s Load2Card eCoupons

I had a reader ask about the Rite Aid Load2Card eCoupons.  Load2Card (L2C) coupons are manufacturer coupons for specific products just like the coupons that come in the Sunday paper.  However, +Up Rewards can be used for anything in Rite Aid except for alcohol, cigarettes, lotto or gift cards.

You must sign up for a Rite Aid Wellness account, in order, to “load” the L2C’s to your Wellness card.

Rite Aid offer L2C’s once every week or two but it’s not on a specific day or time.  I normally check for new L2C’s once a day.

You can (at least for now) use both a L2C and a manufacturer coupon on the same transaction and on the same product.

L2C’s are guaranteed to work.  Just like some manufacturer coupons do not always scan at the registers, well not all L2Cs come off on your receipt.

If you are a regular Rite Aid shopper, you should definitely sign up for Load2Card coupons!