1The Herbal Slimming Tea (all flavors) 24ct Tea Bags reg. price $2.99 get a $5 +Up Rewards (limit 3). You will find this in the Weight Loss aisle or over by the Whey Protein Body Building stuff.

This is a Monthly Deal: 12/30 – 1/26/13.  This is a straight up Money Maker!!!!!! Keep in mind that your discount will apply. Run Forest to the Rite Aid!!!!!!

Buy 3 Herbal Slimming Tea 24ct $7.97

Get Back (3) $5 +Ups

Final Price: FREE + $7.03 Money Maker!!!!!!!!!!


  • DMC December 31, 2012, 09:56

    I bought three of these teas and only got one $5 +UP. I called and they said you get the +UP when you but three. I am just going to return all of them now and keep the one $5 +UP. >:P But I just thought to let you all know, in case you want to avoid the grief of the sign not being correct and all, and know it’s not the super Money Maker deal we thought it was.

    BTW, I got four Pentel Twist Erase Express Mechanical Pencils .7 and .9 for $4.99, less 20 percent, so $3.99, and got back four $4 +Ups, so free. These are running monthly through 1/26. Also the Gel Pens are still the same monthly deal as last month too.

    Also, the Diabetes program resets at $0 tomorrow. I had $29.26 balance today, so I bought 14 of the Russell Stover Sugar Free bags at 2/$3. These also tally for the Anniversary Promo. The $21 I bought figured into the Anniversary Promo balance, but only $16.50 figured onto the Diabetes program, so I had to call and they are sending me my $10 +UP. They also told me that the Diabetes balance resets to zero every 90 days. I did not know that. So I guess if you get close again by March 30th, you’d want to buy enough to get the $10 +UP before April 1st.

  • DMC December 31, 2012, 09:57

    Also, I didn’t see any limits posted on the mechanical pencils or gel pens.

  • Ange_NJ December 31, 2012, 11:07

    I just got mine!!!! I’m ready to diet and save more money!!! Bring it 2013!!!

    • DMC December 31, 2012, 11:15

      It must be a glitch that is regional only. Is not printing three $5 +UPs for everyone. Most people are just getting one.