Safeway: Grocery Rewards

Yesterday, I had a questions about the Safeway Gas & Grocery Rewards program and in thinking about it, I don’t think that I’ve ever written a post specifically talking about the Gas & Grocery Rewards.

Just a little background, the JUST4U program is a legacy program from Safeway just like the Monopoly game that was inherited by Albertsons when they acquired Safeway and all of it’s affiliates in 2015.

I’d never heard of Vons until I moved to Southern California because in Northern California, we have Safeway stores.

Typically, when we visit our JUST4U account, we are interested in the digital coupons because it’s the easiest way to save money on our grocery bill.  At a minimum, I go to my JUST4U account, at least, once a week on Wednesdays because that when the new digital coupons come out.  I look at every category except for Baby, Pets, and Personal Care.

I also look at my Rewards.  As you see, pictured above, I have 6 Rewards but 2 of the 6 Rewards will expire on May 31, 2020.  I don’t usually redeem my Grocery Rewards until the end of the month because you get a better deal when you accumulate the points. For example, if you redeem 1 point, you’ll only get $1 off your receipt. However, if you have 3 points, you’ll get $4 off your receipt.

Keep in mind, if you have a big family or you shop for your family and your mom and dad and you accumulate the points quickly then wait until you accumulate 7 points and redeem them.

I do not combine the $1 off department digital coupons or any FREE Items digital coupon with my Grocery Rewards.  Tell the cashier that you are two separate transaction because you want to use your Grocery Rewards or go to self check out and do two separate transactions.  You will save yourself a headache.

The department digital coupons are magical and some how they boost your Grocery Rewards points.

Clip any Rewards offers that will boost your rewards.

The Grocery Rewards is another tool in your toolbox for saving money.


  • Cheryl May 8, 2020, 05:46

    Roz- is there a pop-up asking if you want to use your rewards?

    • Ms. B. May 8, 2020, 08:01

      You click “Use 2 Rewards” or however many rewards you have and it will pop up to confirm that you want that particular rewards.

      • Cheryl May 8, 2020, 08:29

        Roz- thank you 🙂

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