Saturday’s drugstore trip…

Okay, I got up early this morning to go on a mission…to find good deals! I went to CVS, Walgreens (using up my RRs), Vons and finally Rite Aid. I just found out that Rite Aid sends you a check for certain items that you buy there.

My trips went as follows:


I went to CVS looks for a Pur water pitcher but I was out of luck b/c they were sold out. I should have gotten a rain check…maybe later today.


I had a $5 RR to use b/c it expire tomorrow so was to buy two items Kerasal Exfoiliating Moisurizer $7.99 (I love this stuff for your feet) and Purex Complete $5.99 for a total of $13.98. I had a coupon for -$2 Kerasal and $5 RR and it would have been $6 plus tax…BUT…I stopped by the clearance area and they had packing tape and pens on clearance. Bic pens 10ct for $.25 and packing tape for $1. I bought two packing tapes and 4 of the Bic pens 10ct. My total end up being 13.35 and I was suppose to get a $5RR Kerasal and $2 RR Purex…but the $5RR didn’t print.


I was looking for the little oatmeal on the go cups…so I bought Welch’s Grape Juice it was on sales for $3.99 with a $1 off hang tag.

Rite Aid:

I bought the Amo contact solution but it had gone off sale on 6/11…I was 2 days too late to be able to get the Rite Aid rebate check. I will keep it b/c I do wear contacts.