I received the above Savingstar email, this morning, it appears that it is targeted to those that only do the Healthy offer rebates but do not participate in any of the other offers.

Important Details:

  • Eligibility for a calendar month’s Healthy Offers will be based on earning at least two qualifying rewards posted to your account in the prior calendar month.
  • Healthy Offers do not count as qualifying rewards towards the 2 per month threshold. 
  • Qualifying rewards are based on the date that the reward posts to your account, not the date you purchased the product. For example, if you make a qualifying purchase on May 31 which posts to your account on June 2, the reward will count as one of your qualifying rewards towards meeting your threshold in June.



  • tina April 28, 2017, 19:08


  • Ms. B. April 28, 2017, 19:26

    Tina, Checkout 51, Mobisave and Ibotta offer fruit and vegetables rebates, although, I do think that Savingstar has the biggest variety of produce rebates.