Savingstar is Raising the Payout Minimum

Yesterday, Savingstar sent out emails saying that they will be racing the minimum payout from $5 to $20.

This is announcement is wild to me because one of the reasons that I like Savingstar the most is because of their low minimum payout requirement.  In my mind, if Savingstar is raising the minimum then what is to keep the rebate apps from raising their minimum threshold for payout to $50 or $100?

You must keep in mind that each time we redeem a rebate, our money is sitting in a bank somewhere and collecting interest until we request our funds.

I cannot emphasize even more how important it is to withdraw your funds on a regular basis because the rebate apps are not a bank.  If you are not good at managing your money and you are saving money in a rebate app for little Mikie’s birthday party, it’s better to acknowledge it, own it; withdraw the money and buy the party supplies and little Mikie’s birthday gift.

Plan and simple, companies are in business to bag the money and if they happen to help you save money then enjoy the ride and keep withdrawing your money on a regular basis!