Settlement of Class Action – LIVINGSOCIAL

I was quite surprise when over the weekend, I received an email notice that settlement had been in lawsuit against Livingsocial.  I didn’t realize that it’s against to law to sell “gift certificates” with an expiration date on them.  I want to say those gift certificates only had a 30 or 60 days expiration, it was super short so I am sure allot of people were not able to redeem the gift certificates within that time period.

That Livingsocial deal was in December 2, 2012 and I bought them as Christmas gifts – guys seem to love going to McDonalds.

The weird thing is I had been assigned a Class Member Number and when I checked out the lawsuit website, they had all of my information – the date of purchase, the items that I purchased along with the date.  There were a series of questions to answer and they offered to ACH to money into your account (I opted for a check).


  • Rebecca November 28, 2012, 11:01

    I had two $5 charges from LivingSocial on my credit card. I have no idea what I might have purchased for $5 twice in one day. Do you recall any deals from the last several months that were $5? Wondering if I need to look into it more now….

    • admin November 28, 2012, 16:23

      I haven’t posted any Livingsocial deals since last year’s McDonald’s deals…I would dispute it with your credit card company.

  • michelle November 29, 2012, 08:53

    Starbucks had a $5 offer

  • michelle November 29, 2012, 08:54

    starbucks has an $8 offer recently