I have been signed up for NextDoor for about 3 or 4 years and it has been one of the best sign ups that I’ve ever done because NextDoor keeps me informed via my neighbors of what’s going on in my local zip code, as well as, the surrounding 10 zip codes of my neighborhood.  The city of San Diego is made up of many, many neighborhoods along with many, many zip codes.

When Gov. Newsom first issued social distancing, San Diego was ahead of the curve because Mayor Falcouner had preemptively issued the order about five days earlier than the governor.  My neighbors got onto Nextdoor and was telling neighbors where they could go get toilet paper and meat.

My neighbors will say where unscheduled street closures are located or police activity so don’t go on that street or there’s a lost dog on 30th Street between University and El Cajon.

I was telling a reader, Denise, that on NextDoor, my neighbors have been discussing about grocery delivery services and that Instacart, at least in my area, has gotten good reviews for being able to place an order and delivery within a couple days.

To sign up, you fill out a brief survey about your interest – fitness, animals, DIYs, shopping and a bunch of stuff but I’ve only gotten notification of neighbor events.  I get emails about once or twice a day and you can go directly to the NextDoor website and check for the latest posts under “General”.

We have lots of street closures due the city doing work, festivals or farmer’s market and my neighbors say what streets things are happening.  It’s nice when they say “the Vons on 30th is out of paper goods but go to the 7-Eleven on University & Texas Street.

Southern California is not a big monolith, it’s good to read about things that’s going in your specific area.

Sign up for NextDoor so that you know the latest and greatest in your neighborhood!