Smart Source Coupon Preview 5/3

Below is the Smart Source Coupon Preview for new Sunday!

DND = Do Not Double, ETS = Excluding Trial Size, WYB = When you Buy. Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected.

Alaway Antihistamine Eye Drops Packs or ONE Twin Pack$8/2(7/3)
Alaway Antihistamine Eye Drops$4/1(7/3)
Aleve or Aleve PM 40ct+$4/1(5/10)
Bausch+Lomb Biotrue (2×10 oz) OR Renu (2x12oz) twin pack$6/1(5/17)
Bausch+Lomb Biotrue (10oz) Renu (12oz) or Boston (any size)$3/1(5/17)
Bausch+Lomb Ocuvite Product$3/1(6/30)
Bausch+Lomb Preservision$3/1(6/30)
Bayer Aspirin Product 50ct+$1/1(5/31)
Bayer Aspirin Product 200ct+$2/1(5/31)
Blue-Emu Pain Relief Cream, Continuous Spray, Lidocaine Cream, and Lidocare Arm, Neck and Leg and Lidocaine Back and Shoulder Products$3/1(8/30)
Blue-Emu 4oz and 12oz Original Super Strength Products$3/1(8/30)
Cetaphil Product ETS$2/1(5/30)
Chobani Yogurt Multi-packs 24oz or 32oz Tubs or Squeezable Greek Yogurt Void in LA$1/2(6/20)
Citracal product 70ct+(exc. 100ct Petities)$4/1(5/17)
Claritin Non-Drowsy Or Children’s Claritin 24ct+ (exc. Claritin-D)$6/1(5/10)
Claritin Non-Drowsy or Children’s Claritin 60ct+ (exc. Claritin-D)$10/1(5/10)
Claritin Non-Drowsy Children’s Chewables (20count or Larger), Reditabs for Juniors (20 count or Larger), (exc. Claritin-d)$4/1(5/31)
Claritin Non-Drowsy OR Children’s Claritin (24ct Or Larger) (exc. Claritin-d)$4/1(5/31)
Curel Hydra Therapy wet skin OR Curel Dry Skin Therapy Hydra silk Moisturizer ETS$3/1(6/14)
Curel Moisturizer 13oz or Larger ETS$1.50/1(6/14)
Ensure Max Protein multipacks, high protein Or Enlive$5/2(6/14)
Finish Quantum Automatic Dishwasher$1/1(5/17)
Finish Max in 1 OR deep clean Automatic Dishwasher$1/1(5/17)
Finish Jet Dry Rinse Aid$1/1(5/17)
Fisher Oven Roasted Never Fried Snack$1/1(6/14)
Glucerna Product of your choice$5/2(6/15)
Jergens Base, Butter, or Wet skin Moisturizer 5oz+$1.50/1(5/31)
Jergens Natural Glow Product ETS$1.50/1(5/31)
Luigis Real Italian Ice (Valid on 24 Fl oz size or Larger)$1/1(6/14)
Megared Advanced Product$5/1(5/16)
MiraLAX Product 20 count or Larger$5/1(5/10)
Move Free Advanced AND Advanced Plus Vitamin D Product$3/1(5/16)
Move Free Ultra Product$5/1(5/16)
Neuriva Product$5/1(5/16)
One A Day Fruit bites or 50+ gummies$3/1(5/17)
One A Day Product 60ct+$3/1(5/17)
One A Day Trubiotics Product$5/1(5/31)
Opcon-A Allergy Eye Drops 15ml$1/1(7/3)
Phillips Probiotic Product$8/1(5/10)
Phillips any product$1/1(5/31)
Pilot Acroball pens 2-pk+$1.25/1(9/30)
Pilot G2 pens 4-pks+$1/1(9/30)
Pilot FriXion pens 2-pk+$1.25/1(9/30)
Pledge Product$1/1(6/13)
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Product.50/1(6/13)
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaning Product.75/1(6/13)
Tena Maximum, Ultimate or Overnight pads or Underwear Product$4/1(5/17)
Tena Moderate Pads, Ultra Thins, Liners, Male Guards, Adult Wipes or Cream Product$2/1(5/17)
Welchs Fisher Oven Roasted Never Fried Snack (6/14)Welch’s Fruit snacks,Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks OR Fruit Rolls 8oz+ bag or 6ctor Larger Box.50/1(6/13)
Zegerid OTC Product 14ct+$6/1(5/31)

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