Sometimes You Have to Open the Email

Let’s face it, we get allot of emails everyday and most days I kinda do look at the emails on my laptop.  I don’t usually look at emails on my phone because it takes so long for the pictures to download so that I can see actual message.  I will sometimes, log into my email account from my work computer but that’s rare unless I am expecting a special email.

Earlier, this month, I received an email from eBay with them offering a $20 off $20 coupon with no strings attached.  Mind you that eBay sends out emails everyday and the coupon could have easily been missed.  Heck, I am sure that in the past that I have missed plenty of fantastic deals because I didn’t bother to open the emails.

I used my eBay coupon on some nice flameless candles on the cheap.  I probably would not have bought the candles if I had not opened my email and gotten the eBay coupon!



  • Jessica January 30, 2018, 15:57

    I’m happy for you to be able to make a great deal! Was that coupon one-time use and created only for you? I opted out receiving promotional emails from ebay. Maybe should I reconsider that decision? 🙂

    • Ms. B. January 31, 2018, 05:51

      Jessica, I think it was a targeted one-time-use coupon.