Sometimes you got to Suck it Up

I have been super excited because my early retirement is right around the corner.  Well, it looks like it is a bit further around the corner then I thought because I received a call from my retirement counselor and it appears that there was a miscalculation of the initial estimated retirement date for me by one freakin month.  They are literally six months backlogged on processing retirements because so many people are leaving by retiring or just plain quitting in droves.

I cannot retire until August 10th without taking hefty penalties to my retirement income.  However, how the system is set up, it looks at me as being eligible for a retirement check on September 1st,  regardless, if I retire on August 10th or August 31st.

Typically, our payroll system has to move me from being a current employee to retired and the move takes on average about eight weeks which literally means that you are without an income for two months.

However, I will get paid for all of my vacation time which is a little over two months of vacation time.  If I would have had more forethought into my retirement, it would have better for me to put aside two months of expenses and used up my vacation time because my vacation time will be taxed at a much higher rate since it will be a one-time lump sum payment.

Anyways, it looks like my last day of work will now be August 24th, the last day of the pay period for August. 🙁