Stacie’s Trip to Walgreens!!!

A reader, Stacie, had an awesome Walgreens trip on Sunday and I wanted to share her trip as her trip may inspire others!!!

Here’s what Stacie has to say:

Today I finally managed to combine points deals and register rewards and still get points back. I combined these points deals:
Colgate (spend $10 get 5000 pts)
Schick (spend $20 get 5000 pts)
Bandaids b1g150% off (get 3000 pts)

Plus I had a $10 register reward and a $1.99 register reward and coupons along with e-cpns. Total after everything was $23.46
I got back 25000 points
5000 colgate
5000 schick
3000 bandaid
7000 (for spending $20.00)
5000 (reached my $50 beauty)

Also, there is a Schick promo at where you get credit for live events. Not sure exactly what it is, but you have to spend $20 or more after coupons)

And I found Walgreens hand held magnifying glasses originally $10.49 marked down to $1.09 and the second one rings up half price of 54¢ This is great for my Mom!

Hope this helps someone!

Thanks, Stacie!


  • tina June 4, 2018, 11:58

    Are these deals running for two weeks? I thought Schick and Band Aid ended on June 2nd?

  • Stacie June 4, 2018, 15:07

    I thought the band aid deal ended also, but the tag said June 30 and it keeps printing the 3.00/2 coupon!
    The Schick was in this weeks ad.

    • tina June 4, 2018, 19:19

      Thanks, Stacie! I still don’t know many of the rules at Wags. I haven’t shopped there for many years and last month restarted after issues with RA. But I’ve been spending much more money than I would at RA though. Not happy. Their system asking you to spend more in order to receive points. What’s the point of having the points then?

  • Stacie June 5, 2018, 03:42

    I agree, but this is how I factor it. The high amount of money that I spend, I usually end up with around that amount in points so I feel like I’m just adding money to my card and getting the items almost free.