Stacking My Amazon Gift Cards

Last year, I decided for 2020, I’d make a concerted effort to redeem my points towards Amazon gift cards and I’d use the gift cards towards Christmas gifts.  In the past, I’d spent a boatload of money on shipping gifts to my family and with Amazon Prime, shipping is free.  Even with pay $119 annually for two day shipping is still cheaper than going to through the post office, FEDEX and UPS because I was paying exorbitant prices to mail gifts within the state of California.

Anyways, after learning that Fetch Rewards had Updated their points for Select Gift Cards, I went to CVS and purchased a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal because I had a 500 points Fetch offer as you see in the picture above.

The purchase immediately made me eligible to redeem a $25 Amazon gift card.

As soon as, I selected “Get my $25 reward, the Amazon card code came quickly to my email inbox.

I then clicked “Redeem Code” in my email and I received confirmation that the $25 had been stacked on top of the previous gift cards that I have in my Amazon account!

When I have a goal, I am operating at peak awareness of fulfilling my goal.


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