A reader, Meryl, let me know that if you live in the in the area Lake Forest,  Palmdale and Lancaster (CA), the Stater Bros. has been remodeled and they are offering great deals and  a $10 off $50 In-Ad coupon for you to come check out their store!!!  The coupon isn’t in the online ad so check the ad that they mail to your house.

Meryl has great ideas on how to hit the $50 to use the $10 off $50 coupon and below what Meryl has to say:

Their 8 piece baked chicken for $5 is a great deal,  I would prob get 3 because I debone and freeze to add to salad for lunches.

I get the 3 lbs of ground beef which I cook up and freeze for my dog. (I add to his dry food. )

Those Eat Smart bagged salads are pretty good.

And the Magnum ice cream and Talenti. But what about those grapes for 99 cents?! I think they are the cotton candy ones.

Thanks, Meryl!



  • Meryl September 13, 2019, 07:52

    Okay Roz now I am on a mission! Smart & Final has Peet’s Coffee on sale $5.99 when you buy three. They don’t accept competitors coupons as I was contemplating using the Stater Brothers $10 off $50 there. Do you happen to know of a store that will both price match and accepts competitors coupons? I would have thought Walmart in the past but I don’t know about any longer. Vons also has a $5 chicken meal deal today for its $5 Friday. I wonder if they would do both?

    • Ms. B. September 13, 2019, 08:19

      Walmart no longer price match nor will they take a competitor’s coupon that isn’t product specific. Price matching and accepting competitor’s coupons is a thing of the past. In my area, Smart & Final are not coupon friendly. I’d call a coupon friendly Vons or Albertsons to see if they’d do both.

  • Meryl September 14, 2019, 10:41

    Alright Roz this is my current endeavor. I messaged Target corporate on Facebook and they advised that they would both price match the sale price from another local grocery store with the flyer as proof, and they stated they would accept Stater Brothers $10 off $50 coupon again with the ad. I would never try this without documentation from Target corporate because despite this message I still anticipate that I will be unsuccessful or it will take hours to accomplish! I’m still contemplating if I have it in me to tackle this today!!