We all know that animal prints are a staple in any girls’ wardrobe but what has been fascinating, this fall season in fashion, is that Suede, Silk, Snake Skin and Velvet are back in style after being out of trend for a good ten years.

I love silk top but more so I love silk blended materials that makes a blouse feel comfortable against your skin and durable.

I have always love wearing velvet during the winter months.  Who remembers wearing the velvet althleisure suits?

Oh my goodness, I remember having a snake print bag, purse, shoes and top.  Of course, I didn’t wear all at once but I used to love the snake print.

Good Suede is a beautiful and expensive, however, suede has no give.  If you wear a size 10 then you must go up a size to a 12, otherwise, the seams will start rip.  You must be careful with suede shoes and hand bags because the nap of the suede can be damaged pretty easily.

If you are looking for a gift for the holidays, you want to consider buying a blouse in Suede, Silk, Snake Skin, Animal Print or Velvet!