Sunday’s CVS trip…

Today, I shopped at CVS and Vons (grocery store), I skipped Walgreens altogther b/c of their one RR policy per transaction.

I came home and looked at my CVS receipt and the cashier over rode my $4 off Gilette Fusion power razor to $1.25 off…which I thought was strange.

EB=Extra Bucks


  • $21.00 Dove Body Wash (3)
  • $7.99 Gillette Fusion Razor (1)
  • $2.49 CVS Hand Sanitizer (1)
  • $1.09 Arizona Tea (2) B1G1 FREE (includes bottle deposit)
  • -$1.00 Dove Body Wash
  • -$1.25 Gillette Fusion Razor
  • -25 CVS Gift Card


Total OOP after coupons & gift card: $8.07

EBs earned: $14.00

PROFIT: $5.93

The Dove deal is “When you buy $20 of Dove products, you get $10 EBs, and the Dove was on sale for 25% off. I used the $25 gift card that CVS gave me on Thursday for a new prescription. So, the Dove Body Wash was FREE, as well, as the $2.49 CVS Hand Sanitizer and the Arizona Tea. What I really paid out of pocket was the Gillette Fusion Razor and tax of $2.75. Now, I would have only had $5.07 OOP but as I said above, the cashier did my $4 Gillette Fusion Razor incorrectly.

But it’s all good in the hood b/c I bought 7 items and had a $5.93 PROFIT after all the plotting and planning.

Grand Total OOP= $8.07

Total Value= $30.32 with $14.00 EBs remaining to roll on my next transaction!