Sunday’s trip to Vons

Vons is our local grocery store in Southern Calif. Now, I have been going to Vons 10 years and had never used a coupon there prior to last week. But now that I am couponing, Vons was the next logical step. Early this morning, I got up and went to buy the local newspaper (2). The newspaper had a special deal of two newspaper bundled together along with 2 Smart Source coupons, 2 Red Plum coupons and 1 Proctor and Gamble coupons and since I bought two newspapers, I received double the amount of coupon inserts – 4 Red Plums, 4 Smart Source and 2 Proctor and Gamble. I paid $4.50 for the Sunday newspaper but I save on my grocery bill $7.85 using coupons plus Vons doubles coupons!

Bought: $92.41

Club Card Savings: -$26.55

Coupon Savings: -$7.85

Total After Coupons & Club Card Savings= $58.01 plus $.20 tax

Vons had a deal where if you bought 10 Mix and Match grocery items, they took $5 off your bill. It was a great and easy deal since most of the “Mix and Match” items are grocery items that I normally buy when I go to the grocery store. My grocery bill would have been $2 less but I donated $2 to prostate cancer. I have been totally Blessed in learning about couponing and saving so I wanted to donate to a good cause like prostate cancer.