Take a CVS survey get $5/$25 coupon…

Good Morning, Everyone! I am up with the roosters, this Saturday morning b/c I am going to go work some more overtime. Yes, I am tired but I do love seeing my fat overtime paychecks when I get paid. It’s a Blessing and it keeps me focused on my financial goals.

A comment was left by “Lolo” yesterday telling me about a way to get a $5/$25 coupon for taking a QUICK online CVS survey.

The survey is an interactive video which asks you 5 questions about health. At the end of the survey, a button pops up to print the $5/$25 CVS coupon!

Click here to take SURVEY

Oh, BTW, I will have the Calif CVS $5 Challenge up at noon, today.

Thanks for the tip “Lolo”!!!!!!!!!!!!