Take a Look With Me

I have mentioned a couple of times that the Rite Aid store off of Adams Ave has been a mess due it’s being remodeled.  My trying to find the Wet n Wild Nail Polish in that store was horrendous b/c they had stuff placed all over the store.

The store is coming along real nice and I am hoping they will have some sort of sale for putting the customers through so much while they remodeled.

The manager told me that their store had been selected for remodel b/c Rite Aid had gotten so much feedback from the surveys about how the store’s lay out was too confusing for customers to find the items that they wanted to buy.

They have painted the walls, moved the sodas and beer closer to the registers (this store sells ALLOT of beer), put new signage up, the Pharmacy Counter is getting a makeover and the Beauty Products are now along the side of the wall.

The store looks really, really nice and I cannot wait until they have finished up!