Taking Sunday Morning Off…

I have decided to take this Sunday morning off from running to do drugstore deals.  I wanted to relax and enjoy my Sunday morning coffee! 

Late, yesterday evening, I got a call from a friend whose mother has terminal cancer.  My friend is originally from NY and has flown home 2 times in the last month.  Last weekend, they moved my friend’s mom into a Hospice Facility and got the call yesterday to come home b/c mom doesn’t have much time left on this earth.  Very sad.

It brings back allot of sad memories for me when my dad was ill…and I was in the same situation flying back and forth home.  It’s one of the reasons that I have a Trip Fund with ING, if something should happened to mom or anyone else in my family, I want to be able to fly home at a moments notice without worrying about the financial impact. 

My friend, flew home to NY early this morning.

So, I am taking this morning to reflect about the important things in life.  However, I do plan to hit the drugstores later this evening.