Tammy’s RUN to Rite Aid Deals!!!💨

A reader, Tammy, let us know about a very nice Rite Aid Money Maker!!!  Tammy says the following:

RUN to Rite Aid!

There is a deal Buy 3 Scunci (at least $4.29RR get $10BC). BUT the Value Packs of Snap Clips and Ponytailers are ringing up $1.37 and after you buy 3 you get $10BC! And the Value pack no damage black only elastics ring up $1.67 and count. Lim 2 (so you can buy a total of 6 products)

Buy 7 LA Girl POP nailpolish on sale $2.50 each. For every $4 spent of LA Girl, you get $4BC. So after buying 7 for a total of $17.50 you get $16BC.
There is an in ad (on the first page) coupon for $5/$25. Buy the LA Girl Pop.
Buy 6 discounted value pack Scunci for a total of $17.50 + $8.22 ($1.37 x 6) = $25.72
– $5/25 coupon
Total: $20.72 get $36BC for a $15.28MM!!

Thanks, Tammy!