Target: FREE Truvia Sweetener 40 ct!!!

A reader, Tammy, has let us know about a great freebie deal at Target and below what Tammy has to say:

Another great deal at Target:
buy one Truvia 40ct (price match to Walmart’s price of $2.94)
Use $1.50q on
Submit for $1.50IB

*You can also do this deal at Walmart.

Thanks, Tammy!


  • Natalia February 15, 2020, 09:19

    I must be missing something.
    why not buy from Walmart for 2.94 ?
    with same coupon same rebate from ibotta

    • Ms. B. February 15, 2020, 11:21

      A lot of Walmart stores are sold out. In San Diego, we only have one store that has it. However, I’ll add that they can also buy at Walmart.

      • Tammy February 15, 2020, 11:58

        I don’t have a Walmart nearby. With traffic it takes more than 30 minutes to get to my closest Walmart…

        • Natalia February 16, 2020, 00:45

          had it my hands in walmart… had to leave it at the checkout.. since the coupon that was printed so lightly couldn’t be scanned…
          she tried to enter digits of coupon, I think she messed up as well , because it was barely readable..
          stupid ink, stupid printer. sigh

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