Target in Pt Loma…

The Target in Pt Loma is the clearance Target store.

I was talking to a coworker about Target. During our conversation, she told me that the Target in Pt Loma (San Diego) is where all the Target in San Diego send their clearance items to be sold, if they can’t sell it at their store!

So, that’s why back in February, I found 5×7 digital frames for $5 on clearance, I scooped up two for Christmas presents!


  • Maria E. Lopez July 31, 2009, 17:50

    also we dont get much clearance because people do not let it go down to 90% off and buy it as soon as it goes 15 or 30% off!! i used to work at Target and i was able to buy Tide for $1.90!!!! when i get to Pt. Loma i did see more clearance than in any target i found very cute high heals for $6.00 🙂

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins August 1, 2009, 00:16

    I use to work at Marshalls ions ago and when the good stuff would arrive we would put our name on it and pay for it when we got paid each Friday!