Target is 90% off Christmas Clearance!!!

Target is now 90% Christmas Clearance!!!


  • Tammy December 31, 2018, 15:05

    I went yesterday and one store was 90% and today the other one went 20% off. I got 4 pairs of flannel pj’s for $2.99 each! I also got 8 bags of a mix of Starbucks Christmas Blend, Thanksgiving Blend and Expresso Blend at $1.49 each! And then there were the Starbucks gingerbrad biscottis that rang up for $0.19 each! I also picked up some Hershey kisses, oreos, dog cookies, dog cookie mix (for $0.29!), socks (for $0.10!) and some kid toys (bath toy for $0.39, pez dispenser for $0.59, slime for $0.50 and bath paint for $0.10 ). It was a great run!

    • Ms. B. December 31, 2018, 20:24

      Tammy, how exciting that you found so many great things on clearance!!! 🙂