I believe the beaches in San Diego are open but I won’t be there because I already know that the crowds will be massive. However, there will be people out and about this weekend enjoying the weather as the weather will be relatively mild in Southern California but you’ll still need to protect your skin.

A reader, Tammy, found a great deal on the Neutrogena Beach Defense but you need to print the $2 off NEUTROGENA Sun Care product coupon ASAP as the coupon offer ends tonight. Below is what Tammy has to say:

Neutrogena Beach Defense 1oz. sunscreen is $2.50 at Target (in the travel size area). Price match to Target’s website at $1.99 (they did it straight away at SCO (self check out) for me). There is a $2q on c dot com. There is also a $2 q in the Target circle app. Get 3 free.

Thanks, Tammy!