Target Stores begins price matching….

On Sunday (7/12), Target Stores will begin price matching! The details are down below:

Some key points:

-Guests can only price match for IDENTICAL items (size, model #, color, etc.)

-Guest must have a current, FULL in-store competitor ad in-hand (no single pages, no online print-outs, etc.)

-Target will not price match for % off sales (i.e. If a tv is listed as $799 at Wal-Mart, we can price match to $799. But if Wal-Mart lists the tv as 20% off, we cannot take 20% off the Target price).

-Target will not price match ‘membership’ stores (i.e. Sam’s Club)

-All price matching must be handled at Guest Service. If a guest goes through line and wants to do a price match, the cashier must ring up the item at Target’s price and then direct the guest to Guest Service upon completion.-Guests can price match up to 7 days after a purchase.

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