Target: Stubb’s BBQ Sauce Only $1.55!!!

Just last week, I made oven baked pork chops and the last ten minutes before the chops finished cooking, I added the Stubb’s BBQ Sauce.  The pork chops were so delicious along with the Rice-a-roni (I always add Mexican cheese to my Rice-a-roni) and French green beans.  Good eats.

Target sells the Stubb’s BBQ Sauce for $3.09 and there is a 50% off Stubb’s BBQ, Marinade, Cookin’ Target Cartwheel coupon, exp. 12/22/18, that will bring the price down to $1.55 (limit 4 per day)!!!

The $1.55 price is truly a stock up price because last summer, I want to say that the cheapest price I remember seeing the Stubbs BBQ was for $2.99 and part of a Buy 4 Save $4 promotion.