Okay, so I went racking my behind back to Walgreens today during my lunch hour trying to do the Theraflu deal and get the $8 RR. 

Why, oh why, was I trying to remember which Theraflu was scanning with the $2 Wags Healthy Savings coupon?

Yikes, I got the wrong Theraflu combos and the Q beeped to High Heavens.  It was like watching a bad movie in slow motion.  The manager was called and TWO Wags employees were trying to figure out why the q wouldn’t scan. 

I knew exactly why the Q was beeping b/c I had posted and warned about it…yesterday!

I wanted to slither away and I probably would have if it weren’t for the fact that they had two of my $3RR from the Truth North deals. 

So, I told all 3 of them to void the Theraflu.  The Dingbat manager…oooops, did I say that…yes, I did…made up an excuse saying, “Well, the Theraflu is already on special so you probably can’t use the $2 Q to get a better deal.”

I looked at him straight in the eyes and said, “You are probably right. Thanks” 

I couldn’t get mad at the mgr b/c it was MY bust, I blew it. 

Oh well, if it isn’t fixed tonight, I’ll try it again!