The Disappear Rebate Button

This past, weekend, there must have been allot of people participating and redeeming rebates like it was nobody’s business which is good for the manufactures because it means that those same people maybe become life long consumers of their products.  It’s always a win-win for a company when a person goes out of their way to look for a specific product whether or not it’s on sale or not.

Over the weekend, it felt more like a holiday weekend rather than just your average weekend because I swear everywhere I went, the roads and the stores were packed to the gills with people.  It was also the first time a month or two that we have had weekend weather that wasn’t rainy or cold or both.

While we were all out and about enjoying the nice weather, Ibotta was busy pushing the Disappear Rebate Button.

Initially, on Saturday, it was all of the Sally Hansen rebates disappeared from the Ibotta app and while we slept Saturday night and woke up Sunday morning, the Disappear Rebate Button had been clicked for the Covergirl rebate and the KIWI rebate.

I do not want to sound harsh but the bottom line is that these companies are in the business of making as much money as they can without going to jail.  The bonus rebates comes out on Thursdays and if you want to participate in any rebate offers, you should be doing as many as possible on Thursdays and Fridays because it seems to be a pattern that hot rebates tend to get the Disappear Rebate Button on Saturdays and Sundays.

Also, on hot rebate offers, buy the item(s) first thing in the morning and submit to redeem the rebate as soon as you get into your car.  Most of the time, when you scan the receipt with the Ibotta app, it is reading the bar code and the app automatically knows what you purchased.  Yeah, yeah, sometimes, the app does not pick up everything that it should but most of the time it comes pretty darn close and it probably a programming error on the retailer’s end than the Ibotta app.

If something that you bought disappears from the app, you may want to hang onto it and not return it back to the store.  The reason I say this is because with hot rebates, there maybe so many people redeeming an offer that their system cannot keep up and they hit the Disappear Rebate Button so they have time to count on their fingers and toes to see if they ran out of rebates.

Remember that all companies, nowadays, are in the business of bagging the money and not customer service.

When you are saving money, it’s your job to look for patterns, it’s your job to check for rebates and submit your receipts expediently, it’s your job let no one or no company take advantage of you.  If you cannot bag your money and get the rebate then you must abort the mission and return the item(s).