I went to Albertsons for the FREE Oroweat Organic Bread Today Only and it was the only thing I got because my plan was to go to the park afterwards to take a quick walk.

HOWEVER, the cashier and the bagger insisted that the free bread was for employees only.  I showed them that the offer is on their PUBLIC Facebook page and that there’s was stipulation about being an employee.

Of course, the line behind is growing by the minute.

I’m like “Let’s call Customer Service because that’s not Customer Service told me.”  The cashier song a different tune when I said that and she gave me that bread for FREE.

I was a bit ticked off BUT I was very courteous and nice to the cashier because they are still dealing with idiots that don’t want to wear in the store BUT I still wanted that FREE bread so I stood my ground because it’s what corporate have offered to their customers in Southern California.

I did call customer service afterwards and explained the situation that had occurred and she confirmed that yes, all customers can get the free bread including employees and that the cashier was mistaken. Customer service offered to call the store and explain that they have had the promotion since 2018 and they are to give the Word of Day item to the customer for FREE. I was already at the park but she also suggested that the next time to go to the store customer service desk and to call the 800 number from there if there is a misunderstanding and they’ll let them know what to do.


  • Cheryl June 30, 2020, 11:44

    I had a cashier that has worked for Albertsons 40+ years and didn’t know about Tuesday Freebie and when I complained to store manager he pointed out to me where he keeps the memos- maybe he needs to orally communicate to his employees the Tuesday WOD

    • Ms. B. June 30, 2020, 15:15

      Cheryl, wow! I assumed the manager was telling the cashiers about stuff like the Tuesday Word of the Tell. Otherwise, each cashier is doing whatever they feel like doing and there is no consistency in the store.

  • Anna June 30, 2020, 12:22

    Frankly, I have had so much trouble in various stores since I started taking advantage of this promotion that every time I question if it’s even worth it at all to try it this week. Some employees know their jobs well, but others just have not the slightest clue what they’re doing.

    Some of the most memorable unpleasant incidents I’ve had:

    – An employee at my nearest Vons (I think she was even a manager) demanding over and over and over that I say the “correct” word to get the promotion and refusing to accept the one I kept repeating. I knew for 100% sure what the word is; I had the FB page open on my phone, but she kept insisting that I’m wrong. It was like a stale clown act that lasted several minutes at the register with a ton of people waiting in line, really unamused. Turned out she was convinced that the customer is supposed to literally say the ‘magic phrase’ “WORD OF THE DAY” *facepalm*. I was just freaking incredulous.

    – An employee at that same Vons (only a couple of weeks ago!) who’d never even heard of the existence of this promotion, and after trying to make me pay for the free item a couple of times, decided to call for the manager on duty, who was on a register herself and dealing with a lengthy problem with her own customer’s transaction. It took TEN MINUTES for her to become available to come over, and the employee thought that it was just fine to make me and the customers in line wait for that long – he just stood with his back to me and kept calling to her that entire time. Then the manager tried to tell me I should have the coupon available on my app, before she finally deigned to fetch and scan the paper card that they have specifically because we clearly *don’t* have to have the promo on the app.

    – An employee at another Vons that, sadly in this case, I had known for many years – since back when he was still working as a manager at my local Albertsons that has long since been shuttered – and who had always previously been incredibly courteous and friendly to me, turned out to have no idea how this promotion really worked and spent what seemed like an eternity at the register pointlessly insisting that I should have this promotion on my JFU account, and simply being mentally unable to comprehend that I didn’t. I even showed him on my phone that I didn’t have any such coupon in my JFU app, and he kept insisting that the problem must be that I DON’T HAVE a JFU account, as though he literally wasn’t able to see what I was showing him right in front of his face because it didn’t mesh with the way he was convinced in his head that things worked. After a good ten min of this endless drama, the manager *finally* noticed there was a problem, came over, and pulled the paper card with the barcode out from somewhere to scan. The (formerly) friendly employee called after me as I was leaving that “next time you should get the JFU app to download the promotion there and that will be easier…” 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Ms. B. June 30, 2020, 15:40

      O.M.G., Anna, you poor thing! Maybe we should start leaving comments on their Facebook for them to TELL THEIR EMPLOYEES that they have a Tuesday promotion. You have had quite the time with the Tuesday Word of the Day. Believe it or not, today and one other day when it first began is the only time that’ve I had a problem. Vons and Albertsons really should add the freebie as a One Day Only digital coupon bc cashier seem to have no problem as the line grew behind me which was incredible to me but I had the time to wait it out.

      • Anna June 30, 2020, 19:49

        Many of the cashiers seem to be more and more into not giving a fig for basic customer service, and also openly admonishing customers that the store’s digital system keeps track of absolutely every purchase (and every move we make, really,) that the computer system knows everything and is NEVER wrong, and that a cashier who overrides anything even once for a customer will get immediately fired, so don’t even dare ask an employee to help you with any mistake at the register, pretty much.

        Some of the “less serious” troubles I’ve experienced with the WoD promo is wasting time going to multiple stores and *all* of them being completely out of the promo item – and even at my closest store where I shop all the time getting categorically denied for a substitution of any kind when that happens, and also the lovely occasions when Albies claims on FB you can get ANY flavor/type of the item, but when I get to the store it turns out the barcodes on the cards only work for 1 or 2 flavors, and the employees all act like that’s solely MY problem, and “Oh, it’s just too bad (for you) that we happen to be completely out of those few flavors the card works for…”

  • dave July 1, 2020, 06:23

    I have had endless problems at Albertsons- paypal rebates that don’t show on receipt- checker that don’t even know how to take coupons off -just last week end-cap that was set up to deceive customers with $4.99 lucky charms with the buy 3 get for $1.69 sign hanging over it – District manager said if it was his store he wouldn’t have done it like that
    I told him It Is Your Store! emailed photos of endcap to CEO and District mangers superior- No Response- then that stupid Monopoly Game – scan all those game pieces – use tokens to buy store product – then never Shows on Albertsons App- at 70 beginning to wonder if its worth it- feel like mouse running on a wheel