The Fragrance Rebates are about to Expire

It may be a coincidence but it seems as soon as I posted that the fragrance deal is a $15 Money Maker, Ibotta suddenly has an expiration clock on the fragrance rebates.  Keep in mind that doing the deal just one time, it’s a $5 Money Maker.

If you are a local, in the city of San Diego, you can find the fragrances in the beauty aisle, where they display the perfumes/cologne at the Walmart on Shawline Road (I-805 & Clairemont Dr.).

I typically do not say which store location that I find things because some people are haters and haters will call a store and make up lies to cause trouble.  However, since I rarely go to this Walmart as it is not a Super Center, they sell no fresh fruits or vegetables, no fresh meats and they have no bakery department, the store is a bit bigger than a Walmart Neighborhood Market.

Anyways, if you want to do the fragrance deal, you had better get out there today and submit your receipt ASAP.  I wouldn’t wait until the last minute to do the deal.