There is a new $2.88 Annie’s One-Pot Pasta for any variety, any size, limit 2, Ibotta rebate offer that is only valid at Walmart, however, just a few days ago, I did not have the offer but that has all changed.  I now have the offer and the products are on the Walmart shelves!  If you are in San Diego, you can find the product at the Walmart on Imperial Ave.

Check Brick Seek by enter your zip code to find the Annie’s One-Pot Pasta w/ Hidden Veggies Pizza Mac 6.8 oz at your nearest Walmart store.


  • Nick November 3, 2020, 15:51

    Yay! BUT… on a more serious note 😮, the Schar cookies offer which had always reset for $1.75 now SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDES the hazelnut wafers! Sneaky, aren’t they? Those were $1.62 at my WalMart, and besides being a small moneymaker were the perfect stocking stuffer. They also happen to be the ONLY Schar cookies on that shelf, so unfortunately it is now a worthless offer. ☹️

    • Ms. B. November 3, 2020, 16:48

      I was only able to find the Schar hazelnut wafers one time but thanks for letting me know that now the offer specially excludes the wafers. 🙁

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