The Old Lady Stole My Bag

I don’t know we, in California, got bamboozled into paying for plastic shopping bags.  We went from getting from shopping bags to pay for them and not one person that I know are happy about the shopping bag tax.

Anyways, I was recently in Walmart picking up a freebie and a couple of other items, and I went to go stand in line for the register.  There were two people before, a guy buying 20 ears of fresh corn that the cashier was busily counting each ear of corn and a fragile and elderly lady stood in front of me with a head of lettuce and two bananas.

When the old lady gets up to cashier, I put my three items on the conveyer belt along with my shopping bag.  The old lady is fussy and slow, she takes forever to look in her coin purse to get the amount to pay the cashier.  In the meantime, the cashier takes my bag is getting ready to ring me up.

I saw the cashier hand the old lady her grocery bag with the head of lettuce and the two bananas.  I then concentrate on how the cashier is ringing me up but then cashier asks “Do you want to buy a bag?” and I’m like you just had my bag.  I look around and my bag is gone but the lady behind me tells the cashier in Spanish that she saw the old lady that just left, steal my bag.  The lady behind me proceeds to tell me in English (although, I knew exactly what she had said in Spanish but as mama would say don’t tell everything that you know) what she’d said in Spanish.

The cashier finally said “Don’t worry about it, I’ll give you a free bag!”

I would never condone stealing but more than likely the old lady said to herself that the first 73 years of life she didn’t have to pay for grocery bags and maybe she looked at me and thought to herself that I could afford to buy another bag.  If I had of heard her say, I can’t afford to buy a bag, I would have given a dime to the cashier.

It wasn’t right for her to literally steal my grocery bag because she didn’t know my circumstances and she stole out of a sense of entitlement but you know what they say that everything that you do in the dark always come to light.