I have two Vons grocery stores that are super close to me, however, one store is larger than the other and I usually go to the bigger store. I go to the smaller store when there’s a hot deal because no one seems to go for the hot deals at the smaller store.

I shop at Vons on Fridays ALL THE TIME but it was the first time ever seeing the parking lot packed like it was Thanksgiving Eve or Super Bowl day. I got super lucky because as soon as got into the parking lot, someone pulled out of their parking space and so no parking drama.

As as I got into the store, I saw that every single register manned, as well as, self check out.

There was people on top of people in the store with grocery carts full of food, water, soda, batteries, etc.  People are not playing.

Seriously, they are going to need the police or the military at the grocery stores because someone is going to be killed because people have gone into straight survival mode.

When people see that our government is not going to protect us, they will go into lawlessness and protect themselves and their family.

Y’all be careful out there.


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