There’s been a run on Kitchen Bouquet?🤔

Every kitchen should have a bottle Kitchen Bouquet Browning and Seasoning Sauce, I usually add a splash of Kitchen Bouquet to my gravies, sauces, soups or stews. It’s a rich dark brown liquid that usually comes in a 4 oz bottle and it’s found near the pre-made gravies like McCormick’s gravy that comes in a little packet.

Just last week, Mr. Man said that he wanted the brown gravy for Thanksgiving and then on Monday, I realized that we are out of the Kitchen Bouquet which will turn any white gravy into a brown gravy.

I stopped by a couple of stores and the Kitchen Bouquet was nowhere to be seen and now I’m in panic mode because I cannot find the Kitchen Bouquet and it’s just a few days before Thanksgiving.  I even looked on Amazon and they are completely out of stock, the soonest that I could get it is December 1st.

I decided to go to a neighborhood store and low and behold, there was two bottles on shelf and I happily paid like $5.99.

Kitchen Bouquet usually sells for like $2.99 at Walmart but when I went to the Walmart website to find the nearest stores that carries the Kitchen Bouquet, there was no store within 50 miles of my location and Walmart doesn’t ship it.  I also checked Ralphs and Vons website but it was a no go.

I’m a happy camper but I think there’s been a run on the Kitchen Bouquet due to the pandemic.


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