There’s Good Coupons on eBay!

If you live in an area does not get good coupon inserts, you may want check out eBay!

Generally, as a rule of thumb for BOGO coupons, I don’t pay more then the up to price…unless the coupon has a super long expiration date!

BOGO Skinny Cow
BOGO Speedstick
BOGO Pantene

To find coupons on eBay just enter the product name and coupon. For example, if you are looking for Colgate coupons, in the search bar, enter the words “colgate coupon” and that will bring up all the colgate coupons that are out there.

Be sure to read the description of the coupon and the expiration date! Also, if you don’t like the offer prices, check back a couple days later. The best time to look for coupons on eBay is on Monday or Tuesday it seems like to me.