I have been wearing an eyeliner probably since I have been an adult woman because I have small squinty eyes.  I remember initially using the Maybelline Makeup Expert Wear Twin Eyebrow Pencils And Eyeliner Pencils because they were cheap and I could afford to buy them. However, I hated that I had to put the pencil in the sharpener and sometimes, they could be kind of rough around my delicate eyes and they smudged at any opportunity.

As I started making more money, I moved away from actual pencil eyeliners to mechanical pencil eyeliners and I tried a plethora of eyeliners but my biggest problems with most eyeliners is that they smeared half way through my work day.

However, at some point at the beginning of my couponing journey, there was some sort of deal on Neutrogena Cosmetics and I decided to try out the Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner and I absolutely fell in love with their eyeliner! I used the eyeliner to line the bottom of my eyes and it didn’t pull or tug on my eyes when I was applying but the best thing was that it was bullet proof, in that it never smeared once applied.

I’ve worn the Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner for about 10 years.

Recently, I realized that I had actually ran out of my favorite eyeliner and I actually went to Walgreens to pick up a couple of the eyeliners since I could use my Balance rewards points.  However, to my astonishment and dismay, they had no more Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner in any of the four colors.  I pulled up the Walgreens app to see the nearest store that had the Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner in Cosmic Black and amazingly, none of the stores in San Diego carried my eyeliner.

I was about ready to have a nervous breakdown in that store.

I went home and did a search online and it was true, they stopped making my eyeliner in February 2019.  Wow, I amaze myself because I had enough eyeliner to carry 7 months before realizing that they stores no longer had stock of the eyeliner.

I did eventually go to Walmart and picked the new Neutrogena Intense Gel Eyeliner, Smudge- & Water-Resistant in Jet Black and it goes on kinda greasy to me but it is bullet proof.  I don’t like it.  I don’t it so that I have chosen to go without wearing a eyeliner after all of these years.  I wear my same eye looks without the liner.

You can read on the Product Reviews on Walgreens website and customers are begging for them to not to discontinue making the Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner because can still buy the eyeliner ins Twilight Blue.

If Neutrogena ever brings back my favorite eyeliner, I will surely buy but for now, I will go without!


  • Meryl August 5, 2019, 20:21

    I hate when that happens, guardian angel flat iron spray by Got2b, gone girl!! I lived on this product For Years! Why do they do that and how could I have found out? I would have hit every CVS in town before they sold out!! And I feel like before they do something like this they should redirect you to a suitable replacement *by another brand*!! Last I checked Ebay had it for $20. Nuance by Salma Hayek, same thing! Loved her foundation!!

    • Ms. B. August 6, 2019, 08:43

      Years ago, my friend Julie almost had a nervous breakdown because the stores stopped selling Aqua Net hair spray due to some sort of environmental concern but they eventually brought it back. I think she and her husband went to every store in the city of San Diego looking for Aqua Net. 🙂