Thursday night’s Walgreens run…

It’s still kinda early here on the West Coast so about 7:30 tonight, I ran down to Walgreens to collect some RR’s (Register Rewards) and buy some items that I needed…like creamer for my coffee in the morning!

I was organized – I had my $1 Bayer coupon, I had a $4RR to spend and I had my list of items I was going to buy:

  • Posture D Calcium $8.99 get $9 RR (for mom)
  • Bayer Quick Release 4ct $2.49 get $2.50 RR
  • Reach Ultraclean dental floss 2/$5 get $3 RR
  • Vitamin Water 3/$3 no RR
  • Paper plates
  • Fingernail clippers (I left clippers at mom’s)

However, my local Walgreens did not have the Posture D Calcium nor the Bayer Quick Release 4ct but I bought everything else. It would have cost me $18.45 including tax but I spent my $4 RR which brought my total down to $14.45 and I received a $3 RR for the Reach dental floss.

I love saving and receive money!