Today’s CVS trip…

Okay, when I got home from work, I read on another blog that there could be a possible money maker at CVS. My eyes light up as I read the blog. The deal is if you could find the Style Science Lens Cleansing Cloths at CVS, buy 2 at $0.99 each, it would produce a $10 Extra Buck. Well, heck since I wear glasses (and contacts) I figured what the heck…why not try it because it would be a win-win for me either way…with or without the Extra Buck.

I ran down to the CVS…but couldn’t find the clensing cloths. But I found some sunglasses that could be fitted over eye glasses and a Style Science eye glass case. I bought both plus a Vitamin Water.

I went over to the CVS scanner and out popped two coupons one for $2 off of $10 and a $1 off on Gold Emblem Water 6pk or larger.

The sunglasses were $19 and the case was $2.99. I really needed the sunglasses…it is almost offically summer.

Here’s the breakdown:

Bought 1 Sunglass $19
Bought 1 Sunglass case $2.99
Bought 1 Vitamin Water $1.69

Used -$2 off $10 Extra Bucks

Total After Coupons & EBs = $21.73

EBs earned = $10.00

Grand Total OOP = $23.48

Not bad…especially since I earned a $10 EB!