Today’s trip to Albertsons…

I was absolutely determined to do the Kraft deal at Albertsons…and I did it! LOL.

I am still amazed at how much money I was spending on groceries BEFORE I got into couponing. I am surprised that I even had a “pot to piss or a window to throw it out of” (that’s an country saying…LOL). I paid $15.95 out of pocket but my original total was $50.82 without the Albertsons loyality card.

Here’s a breakdown of my gets at Albertsons:

Bought 2 California Kitchen Pizza $11.98
Bought 4 Oscar Meyers Deli Fresh Shaved Lunchmeat $12
Bought 2 Ritz Crackerful $7.78
Bought 6 Velveeta Shells & Cheese $8.34
Bought 1 Capri Sun Juice Drink $2.29

Subtotal = $43.02

Used (2) -$1 Calif Pizza Kitchen (SS 7/26)
Used (4) -$1.11 Oscar Meyers Deli Fresh Shaved Lunchmeat (Albertsons Q booklet)
Used (2) -$1 Ritz Crackerful (SS 7/12)
Used (3) -$1 Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cups (blinkie I found @ Vons)
Used (3) -$5 Albertsons catalinas (from $15/$30 Albertsons deal last week)

Total after coupons and catalinas used = $15.95

Catalina Earned = $6 ($5 Kraft deal and $1 Calif Kitchen deal)
Rebate Earned = $20 Kraft

I could have had less than $5 out of pocket but I wanted to pick a few extra things at Albertsons. But I didn’t do too bad b/c when I send off for the $20 Kraft rebate I will have a profit of $10.05.

$20 Rebate + $6 catalinas – $15.95 = $10.05 profit

The rebate and catalinas print as soon as you pay the cashier!:)

Note: I don’t know what the cashier did but some how my total should have been $16.58 but some how I ended up pay just $15.95. I have looked and looked at my receipt but I can’t figure out how I ended up paying $15.95 instead of $16.58. But I am happy!