Today’s trip to Albertsons…

I absolutely wanted to test the $15 catalina (coupon) deal at Albertsons. It’s an opportunity to save some bucks.

Funny as the cashier was scanning my items, she asked for my Albertsons loyality card. Of course, I waited until she had scanned all of my items before handing her my loyality card and my coupons and $5 gift card.

As soon as, I gave here the money and she entered the amount I gave her, out pops the (3) $5 catalinas!

Starting on Wednesday, Albertsons will be running another buy $30 promo get $15 catalina. From the ad, it looks like they have changed up some of the items and some of the items are the same.

Looks like I’m gonna have do some coupon match-ups for the next promo.

Oh, by the way, the Suave was 3/$4.98…so I’m glad I added a filler item.