Today’s trip to CVS…$0.00 OOP

Okay, today I had the weirdest trip to CVS that I ever had…it was like something out of the Twighlight Zone!

I went to the Pt Loma CVS (it’s a former Longs store). I forgot to bring my CVS ad so I figured I’d get one at CVS. Well, they didn’t have their ads and couldn’t find one. Then NOTHING at the store had any Extra Bucks signs so I am trying to buy from my memory b/c although I had a list, unfortunately, I didn’t write down the count or weight of the items I was to buy.

Here are my gets at CVS today:

Bought 2 Dove Milk Chocolates $7
Bought 1 Nlene artificial nails $5.99
Bought 1 Schick deposible 10 ct razor $7.79

Total = $20.78

Used -$1 Dove Chocolate (RP 8/16)
Used -$3 Schick (SS 8/16)
Used -$6.99 EB
Used -$5 EB
Used -$3 EB
Used -$2 EB
Used -$1 EB

EBs Earned = $3 (artificial nails)

Total after coupons & EBs used = -$1.21, tax = $1.21, OOP = 0

Notes: I have never shopped at CVS and have ZERO out of pocket. I would have been happy only if I would have gotten the EBs that I gone to get. I bought the razors at the higher price…so, I have to return them and buy the right razors to get the EBs. Also, I thought the Dove chocolates were 2/$10 again I bought the wrong ones so I gotta pick up one more bag to get the $5 EB.

Later today, I will go back and pick up one bag of Doves at $3.50 and return the razors so that my true out of pocket should be around $.70 cents…and I will earn $5 EB for the Dove and $4 EB for the razors.


  • Maria E. Lopez September 6, 2009, 23:44

    I went to CVS and walgreens and did not find anything I will like to spend my ECBs lol not too many good deals! And I got the same thing at my CVS no signs were up yet!

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins September 6, 2009, 23:53

    Maybe it is b/c it's the holiday weekend and they didn't think ppl would care?