Today’s trip to CVS…

I went to CVS today to collect my FREE shampoo and condition and my FREE CVS brand liquid hand soap!

I went to the CVS in Pt Loma since I was working OT. Just as the pharmacy was opening, I asked the pharmacy clerk for one of the Refill Coupon Books. She was like “what coupon book?” and I said, “the one advertised in this week’s sale ad” so she reluctently handed over the coupon book. Heck, they expire in two weeks, she should have handed me 4 or 5 of them.

Anyways, here are my gets at CVS today:

1 Viologie Shampoo 12.6oz $3.99
1 Vilogies Conditioner 12.6oz BOGO FREE
1 CVS Brand Water 24ct $3.99 + bottle deposit = $5.19
1 CVS Brand hand soap 7.5oz $1.69

Total = $10.87

Used -$3.99 Vilogie BOGO CVS CRT
Used -$1 CVS Brand Water
Used -$5 CVS Brand hand soap 7.5oz (emailed to me 8/28)

Total coupons = $9.99

Total after coupons used = $.88 (no tax charged)

Notes: Okay, $.88 for all that stuff is basically FREE and I didn’t have to use ANY of my EBs on the transaction!!! However, the cashier mistakenly enter my $1 CVS Brand Water CRT as $5. It’s not what I had planned but it ended up being my favor. I also thought that the water was on sale for $2.99 and with my $1 CRT I was planning to pay $1.99 for the water plus the bottle tax.

I love shopping at CVS!