Today’s trip to CVS…

OMG, it was sooooo hot last night that it took forever to fall asleep and when I finally woke up this morning, it after 7 a.m. I ran to 7-11 to get the SD double newspapers for $2.25 ea.

Then I came home and made some coffee! I got out about 8:30 this morning. The North Park did not have the Glade Fragrance Collection Soy Candle but did have the diffusers but I don’t like those diffusers so I modified my plans.

So, here are my gets at CVS today:

Bought 1 Bounce Bar $3.99
Bought 1 Softsoap Nutri Serum $4.99
Bought 2 Frito Lay Pecans $3.98

Total = $12.96

Used -$2.50 Bounce Bar (Vocal Point mailer)
Used -$1 Soafsoap Nutri Serum (SS 8/3)
Used -$5 EB

Total after coupons & EBs used = $4.46 plus tax

EBs Earned = $3

Notes: It’s not the best deal but considering that the Softsoap is $4.46, it’s like I paid for the Softsoap and got everything else for FREE. I love those Frito Lay candied pecans and they had been out of stock so when I saw them, I scooped up 2.

I will do the rest of my deals when my favorite cashier is back at work on Monday!

I also figured out what happened on my CVS trip yesterday and why the $5 was subtracted from my total. I looked in my purse this morning and I still had my FREE handsoap email coupon in my bag so evidentally, I gave the cashier my $5/$25 Readyfill video coupon and it scanned without beeping! The cashier just automatically took off $1.69 for the hand soap. So, since I haven’t officially used my coupon, I’ll get another one for FREE.

Click here to take the quiz to get the $5/$25 coupon, the answers do not have to be correct to get coupon.

To get a unique CVS $5/$25 coupon code, do the following:

1. right click on the flash object (right click on the start survey area) and choose settings
2. Click on the folder icon tab
3. Slide local storage to 0 kb (it should ask you whether or not to delete cvs related info)
4. click on ok to delete
5. move the slide back to 100kb and click on close
6. begin the survey
7. Click on the CVS logo on top of the page and start from step 1 again if you want another unique coupon