Today’s trip to CVS…

Okay so yesterday, I threw away my Extra Bucks by accident. It was a little depressing b/c it was like starting all over again. Believe it or not I only started CVSing in June! Yes, I had been to CVS plenty of times but would always hate those long receipts that I would get. It wasn’t until I started reading the blogs about saving money that a light bulb went off and I started paying attention to the Extra Bucks deals at CVS.

Yesterday, when I was at CVS in Pt Loma (San Diego), I was going to do the Aquafresh & Sensodyne toothpaste so that I could use my $2/$10 Oral Care Q from the Readyfill Coupon Book…but they didn’t have either toothpaste.

Then tonight, I went to the North Park CVS…and no Aquafresh nor Sensodyne. I really think the San Diego stores did not get the shipment of the EB toothpaste.

So, I drive over to the Clairemont Mesa CVS…and there was only the Aquafresh no Sensodyne. I could not use the $/$$ Q. But I did get $3 EBs for the deal!!!

I also scanned my CVS card at the North Park CVS…and I got a Save $5 on any $15 Skin Care Purchase CRT. I see a skincare deal for me to work at CVS this week! Yay!!!!!!


  • kitty September 2, 2009, 03:54

    I would be bummed too about accidentally throwing away those ECB's! Glad you were able to at least find one Aquafresh. Did you try it yet? I'm not usually a fan of Aquafresh, but those new tube style toothpastes have me wondering if they are any good.

  • Maria E. Lopez September 2, 2009, 05:53

    Mission Valley CVS did get some but they were In the side of where the pads are. I was able to do the deal!