Today’s trip to CVS…

Do not take I-8 West today b/c it is back up at least 5 miles due to the 163 closure.

Anyways, this morning, I had two things to do: go to CVS and to work. I discovered just as I was getting ready to walk out the door, I had grab the wrong razor coupon. I had grab a Gillette razor coupon instead of Schick. Then I realized I had used my two Schick $4 Q’s at Target last week to get the $5 gift card. I had to think quickly….aaaaah, the Kashi deal (3/$10 get $5 EB). Today, was the last day for me to use the $4/$20 CVS coupon so I used the Kashi as a filler and since I didn’t have coupons for the Kashi TLC bars (I only had coupons for the soft cereal bars) the $4 off $20 reduced the Kashi to $6 get $5 EB, thereby paying $1 for 3 boxes of Kashi bars!

Okay, so here are my gets at CVS this morning:

Bought 3 Kashi Almond bars 6ct $10
Bought 1 Mentos Gum $1
Bought 1 CVS Tampons 10ct $1.89
Bought 2 Caliber 100 Page Composition Books $1.98
Bought 2 Caliber Pencil Case $1.98
Bought 2 Pilot Easytouch Pen 2ct $1.98
Bought 2 Caliber Sticky Notes 2 pk $1.98
Bought 1 Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste $2.88
Bought 2 CVS Cashews 3oz $3.98

Subtotal: $27.67

Used -$5/$20 CVS Coupon
Used -$1 EB
Used -$1 EB
Used -$1.98 EB
Used -$1.98 EB
Used -$3.98 EB
Used -$5 EB
Used -$.55 Mentos (Smart Source 6/21)
Used -$.75 Colgate Total (Smart Source 7/26)
Used -$2 CVS Nuts Coupon

Total Out of Pocket After Coupons & EBs Used = $4.43

EBs Spent = $14.94 EBs Earned = $16.81

Total Value of Items Bought = $42.34 with $16.81 EBs remaining!

Did you notice that I wrote $5/$20 CVS Coupon…well, when the cashier went to scan my $4/$20 it beeped! She asked to see my CVS card to match it to the coupon, then she manually entered the coupon as $5/$20 in my favor…so I end up getting the Kashi for FREE after $5 EB. Also, I picked up the wrong size CVS nuts so paying $2 more for the nuts. I should have brought all of my EBs b/c I still had (2) $4 EBs at home!

Another quick note: I receive two CVS CRT’s (not from the scanner b/c it was broken but at the end of my receipt – $4/$20 exp 8/9 and Save $1 on any Deodorant Purchase exp 8/9.

I did good with my gets at CVS this morning…only paying $4.43 for $42.34 worth of items.


  • Maria E. Lopez July 26, 2009, 20:59

    90% savings!! I didn't go today not feeling well. Hubby pick up paper and no cvs or walgreens ad! Uugghhh did u see my ralphs and food 4 less finds?? :))

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins July 26, 2009, 22:37

    Maria, first of all, I hope you feel better soon.

    OMG, you got some great deals at Ralphs & Food 4 Less. Those strawberries looked delicious!