Today’s trip to CVS…$.27 cents OOP

I ran over, at lunchtime, to CVS with my coworker.  Of course, I went to the Pt Loma CVS, where my favorite cashier was working.  I wanted to do the ice cream EB deal since my some seems to love ice cream so this deal worked out perfectly for me.  It’ funny how CVS has an ice cream deal…during the Fall season and not during the Summer?  Kinda crazy, doncha think?

Anyways, here are gets at CVS today:

Bought 2 Dryers ice cream $7
Bought 1 Coffee-Mate creamer $3
Bought 2 Noxema cleaning clothes $9.98
Bought 2 Revon Nail Color $7.98

Total = $27.96

Used $5/$25 Flu Survey Q
Used $1 Revlon Color Cosmetic (SS 9/13)
Used (2) $1 Noxema Facial (SS 9/20)
Used $2 EB
Used $3 EB
Used $6 EB
Used $9.98

Total after coupons and EBs Used = $.27 cents

EBs Earned = $16 EBs

Cost = $5.98

Notes:  I LOVE going to the Pt Loma CVS, the one near Souplations!  The $.27 OOP was the tax, the cashier took to -$1.02 and my tax was $1.29 which made my OOP $.27 cents!!!  I actually had (2) $1 Revlon Q’s but my coworker never has her coupons situated so I gave her one my Q’s.