Today’s trip to CVS…

For some reason this morning before going to CVS, I felt uneasy about something. I had my coupons and Extra Bucks in order but there was an uneasiness that I felt. I am normally excited to work a deal. But off I went to the North Park CVS on University.

My intuition was right on target b/c it was the cashier who wanted to check every coupon and EB! I don’t know why some cashiers want to go through that trouble b/c it was obvious that I had my stuff together and she made a comment “you gonna get all this stuff for free”…And my response “I hope so!” LOL.

Here are my gets at CVS today:

Bought 1 Sara Lee Bread $2
Bought 1 Hershey King Size Candy Bars $1.49
Bought 1 Aussie Conditioner $2.99
Bought 1 Playtex Sports Tampons $4.99
Bought 1 Garnier Skin Renew Face Massager $12.99
Bought 2 Benefibers $5.84 (clerance)
Bought 1 CVS Brand Asprin $1.99
Bought 1 Right Guard Deo $.99
Bought 1 Essence Magazine$4.99
Bought 1 American Greetings Card $2.59
Bought 2 Wrigleys multi-pack gum 2/$4

Subtotal = $40.86

Used -$1 Playtex Sports (Vons Muscular Dystrophy Q Book)
Used (2) -$2 Benefiber Product (SS 7/12)
Used (2) -$1 Wrigley gum (SS 7/12)
Used -$1 Essence Magazine (can’t remember where I got the q)
Used -$1.99 CVS Brand Aspirin (FREE August CRT)
Used -$1 any Deodorant CVS CRT
Used -$4/$20 (CVS Pharmacy Coupon Booklet)
Used -$3 EB
Used -$5 EB
Used -$3 EB
Used -$1.98 EB
Used -$1.98 EB
Used -$5.98 EB
Used -$1.50 EB
Used -$1.98 EB

Total out-of-pocket after Coupons and EBs used = $1.25

EBs Earned = $21.48

Total Value= $40.66

NOTES: I found some Benefiber on clearance for $2.92. I couldn’t beleieve my eyes when I saw the clearance sign! Of course, always scan the product that’s on clearance first before purchasing it. I also scanned my CVS card but there was no coupons available and it told me to check back tomorrow.

Also, it shows on my receipt that I have $6.78 towards the candy deal and I need $8.22 to earn $5 EB.


  • Angie August 9, 2009, 16:59

    Great shopping! I hope to get to a CVS this morning, too. Some cashiers think they own the store and that any freebies come out of their personal pocket. It's their responsibility to check the coupons, but I've run across some cashiers who overdo it. You have to have a thick skin and don't take their remarks personally! Keep smiling!

  • Maria E. Lopez August 9, 2009, 17:18

    i still dont have the ad 🙁 i guess i need to talk to my mail lady!No ad in San Diego Tribune or LA times! i havent received many freebies or mail for that matter. Did u see in hte news that they caught a post man in San Diego for stealing Gift Cards and other things??

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins August 9, 2009, 20:28

    Angie, normally, the folks at that CVS are very friendly & nice. But I had never seen this cashier before so maybe she was a newbie. The mgr was standing next to ringing customers & when she tried to ask him about my coupons & EBs, he gave HER a "death" look and kept ringing customers.

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins August 9, 2009, 20:33

    Maria, I agree about newspaper situation. I bought 2 SD papers and 1 L.A. Times. There a piece in the L.A. Times about Perez Hilton…I love reading his webpage. Out of all 3 paper, I only got 2 SS & a General Mills Coupon insert? No RP. I got all the sales ads but Rite Aid. I did hear about the mail carrier, you'd better call your post office about your mail.

  • Maria E. Lopez August 9, 2009, 23:43

    there is something going on in hillcrest! streets closed!!! too much traffic! i just came back from shopping.