Today’s trip to CVS…

Anytime, I can get some FREE mascara…I am all over it! I have to say that I was really excited about the deals at CVS this morning. Heck, I was up with the roosters this morning making sure I had my coupons and Extra Bucks (EB) in order.

I went to the North Park CVS here in San Diego. I walked straight over to the Cosmetics Dept to get the LAST Physicians Formula Plump Potion mascara. Whew!

Here are the rest of my gets at CVS:

Bought 2 CVS filler paper 150ct $1.98
Bought 2 packs Paper Mate Pens 10ct $1.98
Bought 1 Ice Breakers Gum 10ct $1.29
Bought 1 Dibs Ice Cream single $2
Bought 1 Xtra Detergent 28 ct $2.99
Bought 1 Physicians Formula Plump Potion Mascara $9.99
Bought 1 Blink Tears drops $7.99

Subtotal = $28.22

Used -$4/$20 CVS q
Used -$1 Physicians Formula (SS 6/28)
Used -$3 Blink Tears (RP 8/2)
Used -$4 EB
Used -$2 EB
Used -$2.99 EB
Used -$5 EB

Coupon & EBs Total = $21.99

Total out of pocket = $4.94

EBs Earned = $26.93

NOTES: If you noticed that my numbers are skewed it’s b/c the cashier forgot to charge me for the Ice Breaker gum so I got that for FREE but no EB. It also messed up my calculations b/c I only carry the EBs that I will be using. When the cashier told me that she couldn’t take my $6 EB b/c my total was $4.94, I was confused and just paid the lady. After I got home and whipped out my calculator is when I discovered why my totals were off…b/c she didn’t charge me for the gum.

Now, I still have $11.49 from last week and now I have $26.93 from this week for a grand total of $38.42. Later this evening or later this week, I’ll do the Everpure shampoo/conditioner deal and buy another Ice Breaker Gum.

I was not able to find the Travel Size J&J First Aid kit but I’ll check out the CVS in Pt Loma later in the week.